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From our company

Honey from Langerfeld

A surprising product comes from the cable factory Muckenhaupt & Nusselt in Wuppertal Langerfeld: a delicious honey that also convinces honey sommeliers.

Managing director Christian Muckenhaupt and Dietmar Herzog from the technical sales department successfully keep bees together on the company premises.

Christian Muckenhaupt: »It is a wonderful coincidence that Dietmar Herzog has returned to our company and has now become my master beekeeper.«

Dietmar Herzog: »At the beginning it's like this: You have bees. And then it turns around: Later, the bees have you. You can't get away from it.«

Find out more about our sweet passion: honig.munu-kabel.de

Event technology — cable in show business

Always on tour

It's quite a challenge: Artists on tour usually perform at a different location every few days. After days of setup, one or two shows take place, and as soon as the last one ends, the team begins dismantling the stage with all the cables, storing them or transporting them to the next location. Our cables can handle this.

For years, more and more high-quality data lines up to CAT7 have been used, since more and more fast digital signals have to be transmitted. Today's events of this type usually also include a show and effect component, which must be controlled synchronously with the audio transmission.

That sounds very much like a task for us.

Renewable Energy — Cables in Wind Turbines

Tides, storms, rodents

Only what is equipped with top-quality components will continue to rotate permanently. The cables should not be the problem in any case.

We produce various cables for the wind energy sector. We supply twistable cables for data and control applications, which are installed freely hanging in the tower.

Particularly in the offshore sector, we have to prove media resistance to seawater, ozone, oil and UV radiation. These properties must be guaranteed under harsh environmental conditions over a wide temperature range.

It's not just the turbines on the high seas that have a dangerous life: rodent bites are a problem that lines in wind turbines on land are exposed to. Our answer to the cheeky rodents: cables braided with steel wire. Bon Appetit.


Special Applications — Electronic hit detection in fencing

En garde, ready, allez!

In fencing it is important to touch the opponent first with the sword and thus land a hit. Fractions of a second decide between victory and defeat. The electronic hit detection takes place with the help of an electrical cable, which we developed for our customer.

The hit signal must be transmitted reliably, the cable must not hinder the opponents on the battlefield.

For this purpose, the cable is always kept under slight mechanical tension by a spring drum - it follows all fencing movements by constantly winding and unwinding. In order not to disturb the cable must be very thin, but must not tear in the "heat of battle". For this reason, three aramid threads have been integrated into the stranding gussets, which decouple the copper strands from the mechanical stress.

Thanks to its high abrasion resistance, the robust TPU jacket ensures that the winding and unwinding process can be carried out thousands of times without mechanical wear leading to premature cable failure - now it's all a matter of the speed of the athletes.

Crane/hoisting technology — cables on spring drums

Back and forth

In crane and lifting technology, cables are often stored on spring drums. Here one speaks of cables in the reeling application.

Such cables must not only withstand the free forces of gravity, but must withstand the constantly applied force of the spring coil. In use, these cables are continuously coiled and uncoiled in order to follow the length compensation of the constantly changing crane jib.

In order to work out the optimal design parameters for this, various sample productions and subsequent tests on simulation systems were necessary.

You can tell that it was worth it because you don't notice anything.

Forest technology — ready-made cable systems

Ready to go: your cable system.

The trend in this application area of high-quality cables includes the desire of machinery manufacturers for pre-assembled, universally applicable cable systems that can be mounted using the "plug and play" principle and can be replaced on-site if needed.

Another trend is the use of hybrid lines that carry both power and signals. Bus lines (ISOBUS) are used as well as lines for camera and sensor signals.

We have adapted to these requirements and offer manufacturers of forestry machines such as harvesters durable cable systems that are designed from the ground up for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Cables for mobile applications are equipped with special stranding that avoids "corkscrew effects", often with effective strain relief. Special requests such as B. Cables in signal colors are also fulfilled - even with smaller quantities and with short delivery times.