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Cables used in forestry and agricultural technology are typically handled roughly: they are exposed to moisture and dust, extreme temperatures, and robust cleaning methods on a daily basis.

These cables are expected to have high flexibility and mechanical durability while meeting new demands for their inner properties.

Insight I

The cable boot camp.

Especially environmental influences or corrosive media such as artificial and natural fertilizers require highly resistant cables in agricultural machinery and stable technology.

We make cables fit for use. That's why we develop and manufacture cables for energy and signal transmission that are designed for long service life under adverse conditions from the very beginning. This starts with the selection of materials and doesn't end with the very careful processing in our highly flexible production, which also allows for the economical production of smaller quantities.


Agricultural technology — data lines

Hard on the outside - precise on the inside.

Bus-capable data lines (ISOBUS) and hybrid lines are being used more and more frequently. We are also addressing the latest trends in agricultural technology, e.g. B. precision farming and increasingly complex control technology - and we make a contribution to the automation of individual functions of agricultural machinery.

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Insight II

Hard work
in the forest.

Harvesters and other forest machines are controlled using modern on-board electronics. This means: They are equipped with power and signal lines for a wide variety of tasks, some of which are routed to the working head and must be movable accordingly.

The application field determines the performance profile required for the cables: they must achieve a long service life, even in a wide temperature range, and be resistant to moisture, UV radiation, and strong mechanical stress. Resistance to cleaning is also a requirement, as is (for movable cables) torsion capability and a notch-resistant, durable outer jacket.


Forest technology — ready-made cable systems

Ready to go: your cable system.

The trend in this application area of high-quality cables includes the desire of machinery manufacturers for pre-assembled, universally applicable cable systems that can be mounted using the "plug and play" principle and can be replaced on-site if needed.

Another trend is the use of hybrid lines that carry both power and signals. Bus lines (ISOBUS) are used as well as lines for camera and sensor signals.

We have adapted to these requirements and offer manufacturers of forestry machines such as harvesters durable cable systems that are designed from the ground up for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Cables for mobile applications are equipped with special stranding that avoids "corkscrew effects", often with effective strain relief. Special requests such as B. Cables in signal colors are also fulfilled - even with smaller quantities and with short delivery times.

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We manufacture the following cable and line types for use in forestry and agricultural technology:

Application-specific cable solutions

Round and flat cables

Hybrid cable with control and data line elements

Hybrid cable with BUS elements, eg ISOBUS

Assembled cables

Torsionable cables for constantly moving use

Flexible cables for rough working and weather conditions

round cables

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