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Technically nobody wants to experience drama on stage. Therefore, the event technology used must function absolutely flawlessly - the requirements are particularly high here.

Cables for event and stage technology must be real all-rounders. Regardless of the area of ​​application, robustness and longevity are the most important properties. Because it doesn't matter whether it's a concert or theatre, event or trade fair construction: the cable has to be able to do everything and always perform.


Cable with a busy life.

The required properties depend heavily on the actual area of ​​application. The spectrum is particularly wide here: from audiovisual technology (sound, light and video) to mechanical control and energy supply (e.g. for hydraulics, pyrotechnics or other special effects) to security technology.

Cables may require specific properties depending on their application, such as heat resistance, waterproofing, high transmission speed, and compatibility with various systems and manufacturers.

Our cables for event technology are basically extremely robust and flexible and ideally suited for outdoor and indoor areas, rapidly changing temperature profiles and tough installation and transport conditions. In this quality, we will find the right solution for you for all conceivable areas of application - also in a halogen-free version.


Customized - from jacket color to print

The outfit has to be right.

We love our blue HKS44. Would you also like to see your company color everywhere?

We can easily do this for your cable. Any shade of color is conceivable as the outer jacket colour.

On request, we can also supply the cables with barcode labeling, imprint (also with company logo) and length marking.

This can be extremely useful. Or just beautiful.

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Event technology — cable in show business

Always on tour

It's quite a challenge: Artists on tour usually perform at a different location every few days. After days of setup, one or two shows take place, and as soon as the last one ends, the team begins dismantling the stage with all the cables, storing them or transporting them to the next location. Our cables can handle this.

For years, more and more high-quality data lines up to CAT7 have been used, since more and more fast digital signals have to be transmitted. Today's events of this type usually also include a show and effect component, which must be controlled synchronously with the audio transmission.

That sounds very much like a task for us.

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