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Renewable energies such as solar and wind power are key technologies for achieving climate goals. They are also technologies with a high frequency of innovation and special requirements for materials and cable technology.

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There are no adverse conditions - only wrong cables

Our cables are already being used in the direct installation of wind energy converters, both in onshore and offshore areas.

We manufacture cables for photovoltaic and wind energy systems, as well as their infrastructure cabling. Our materials enable us to provide solutions for all climate zones on Earth.

Let your creativity run wild. We take care of application-oriented cable solutions. Together, we contribute to driving the development and expansion of renewable energies forward.


We manufacture the following cable types for use in the field of renewable energies:

Flexible round cables

Hybrid cable, possibly with BUS elements

Cables with carrying elements

Robust and durable cables for extreme conditions

Torsable lines

Control and sensor lines


Renewable Energy — Cables in Wind Turbines

Tides, storms, rodents

Only what is equipped with top-quality components will continue to rotate permanently. The cables should not be the problem in any case.

We produce various cables for the wind energy sector. We supply twistable cables for data and control applications, which are installed freely hanging in the tower.

Particularly in the offshore sector, we have to prove media resistance to seawater, ozone, oil and UV radiation. These properties must be guaranteed under harsh environmental conditions over a wide temperature range.

It's not just the turbines on the high seas that have a dangerous life: rodent bites are a problem that lines in wind turbines on land are exposed to. Our answer to the cheeky rodents: cables braided with steel wire. Bon Appetit.


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