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Whether you need cable systems for pure data transmission or need to simultaneously ensure power supply over the same cable. Whether you require fixed installation or flexible use in continuous operation. Our modular combination options allow us to solve almost any problem in automation.

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We understand your project and create exactly the right cable solution.

In automation and sensor technology, fast data transmission is one of the basic requirements for cables and wires. After all, control commands or measurement data must be exchanged between the different levels of automation or measurement and control technology without any delay.

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Don't be so sensitive!

Our products are characterized by absolute durability and reliability - essential qualities since in industrial automation, high mechanical stresses can act on energy supply chains and cables simultaneously.

Thanks to perfect shielding, our cables are also insensitive to external interference for maximum electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).


We manufacture the following cable types for use in automation/sensor technology.

Development of your application-specific cable solution

Data lines and hybrid lines, also with the BUS elements

Flexible cable constructions with copper conductors

Halogen-free cables

Cables for permanently moving use

Cables for harsh environments (mechanically, thermally or chemically stressed)

Cables for torsion or drag chain applications

Servo cables (motor connection cables, power cores and control core stranded in one cable)

Control cables for mobile use up to 60 cores stranded in layers

Control lines laid in layers with up to 100 cores

Control cables stranded in bundles, also possible with high cores


Automation / sensor technology — drag chains


A significant proportion of the cables for automation and sensor technology are used in energy chains. In these drag chains, the cables are fixed with defined radii and moved with high accelerations and speeds.

Installation in drag chains allows reproducible testing of the cables for their life expectancy (movement cycles) through accelerated thermal and mechanical aging tests. The experience gained here flows into the design of new lines.

These varied applications often have additional requirements for specific environmental conditions. These may include temperature requirements that deviate from the standard, or requirements regarding special environmental media such as oils and fats, diesel, brake or de-icing fluids, de-icing salts, seawater, and many more.

We are currently using materials for this area with which more than 20 different media tests have already been carried out.


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