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Welding robots, diving robots, industrial robots - depending on the application and function of a robot, the cabling must meet a wide variety of requirements.

We have already met many robots, what can yours do?

Insight I

If robots had a choice.

Industrial robots never get bored of the permanently same motion sequences. For cables and wires, this means heavy mechanical stress.

In order to equip robots for welding or underwater work, additional properties such as heat resistance or absolute watertightness are required.

Whatever functionality and level of equipment – ​​we are happy to get involved.

Insight II

Best from the start.

The requirements are individual, there are no off-the-shelf solutions. For robotics, cables must always be designed and developed in a way that is application-related and needs-based.

Get to know our design experts. Before the actual implementation, they work with you to determine all requirements, operating conditions and any special requests - because our solution is your cable.


We manufacture the following cable and line types for use in robotics.

Highly flexible cables

Halogen-free cables

Hybrid cable with BUS elements

Cable for high torsional, drag chain and tensile stress

Optionally with cUL approval


Robotics — Cable replacement cycles

Always fresh

We are very familiar with cables for constantly moving applications. The cables with the highest requirements in terms of three-dimensional movements can be found in the field of robotics - and this is where it gets exciting:

In the automotive industry in particular, unplanned downtimes due to maintenance work on robots must be avoided at all costs, as other production areas are quickly affected as a result.

The cable performance must therefore reliably reach the next planned maintenance/replacement cycle so that a line change can be carried out in a planned manner. A precise estimate of the service life for these cables is therefore particularly important here.

Thanks to decades of construction experience, we now supply cables that meet these high requirements. To be able to replace them quickly during maintenance, it has been proven useful to replace pre-manufactured cable sets module by module.


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