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The areas of application for cables are so diverse that it is difficult to list them individually.

The sectors we have listed only represent focal points and examples of our development work and manufacturing expertise. Any application- and customer-specific special solution is also conceivable.

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Cable solutions as creative as your best idea.

As an expert and development partner in the field of cable construction, no challenge is too big for us. Whatever your requirement and specification, ask us. We will definitely find the right solution - from the structure of the cable to the choice of material.


Special Applications — Electronic hit detection in fencing

En garde, ready, allez!

In fencing it is important to touch the opponent first with the sword and thus land a hit. Fractions of a second decide between victory and defeat. The electronic hit detection takes place with the help of an electrical cable, which we developed for our customer.

The hit signal must be transmitted reliably, the cable must not hinder the opponents on the battlefield.

For this purpose, the cable is always kept under slight mechanical tension by a spring drum - it follows all fencing movements by constantly winding and unwinding. In order not to disturb the cable must be very thin, but must not tear in the "heat of battle". For this reason, three aramid threads have been integrated into the stranding gussets, which decouple the copper strands from the mechanical stress.

Thanks to its high abrasion resistance, the robust TPU jacket ensures that the winding and unwinding process can be carried out thousands of times without mechanical wear leading to premature cable failure - now it's all a matter of the speed of the athletes.

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We offer the following special solutions, for example:

Hybrid cable in round and flat design

Hybrid lines with coaxial cables and/or various BUS elements, as well as pneumatic and media hoses made of fluoroplastics, PE, PA and TPU

spiral cables

EMC shielding made of foils, wraps and braids

Wires with steel reinforcements

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