Every cable has its story.

The world of cables is full of stories. We bring them together in our spotlights – from different areas of application and from our daily work.

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Agricultural technology — data lines

Hard on the outside - precise on the inside.

Bus-capable data lines (ISOBUS) and hybrid lines are being used more and more frequently. We are also addressing the latest trends in agricultural technology, e.g. B. precision farming and increasingly complex control technology - and we make a contribution to the automation of individual functions of agricultural machinery.

Customized - from jacket color to print

The outfit has to be right.

We love our blue HKS44. Would you also like to see your company color everywhere?

We can easily do this for your cable. Any shade of color is conceivable as the outer jacket colour.

On request, we can also supply the cables with barcode labeling, imprint (also with company logo) and length marking.

This can be extremely useful. Or just beautiful.

Automation / sensor technology — drag chains


A significant proportion of the cables for automation and sensor technology are used in energy chains. In these drag chains, the cables are fixed with defined radii and moved with high accelerations and speeds.

Installation in drag chains allows reproducible testing of the cables for their life expectancy (movement cycles) through accelerated thermal and mechanical aging tests. The experience gained here flows into the design of new lines.

These varied applications often have additional requirements for specific environmental conditions. These may include temperature requirements that deviate from the standard, or requirements regarding special environmental media such as oils and fats, diesel, brake or de-icing fluids, de-icing salts, seawater, and many more.

We are currently using materials for this area with which more than 20 different media tests have already been carried out.


Robotics — Cable replacement cycles

Always fresh

We are very familiar with cables for constantly moving applications. The cables with the highest requirements in terms of three-dimensional movements can be found in the field of robotics - and this is where it gets exciting:

In the automotive industry in particular, unplanned downtimes due to maintenance work on robots must be avoided at all costs, as other production areas are quickly affected as a result.

The cable performance must therefore reliably reach the next planned maintenance/replacement cycle so that a line change can be carried out in a planned manner. A precise estimate of the service life for these cables is therefore particularly important here.

Thanks to decades of construction experience, we now supply cables that meet these high requirements. To be able to replace them quickly during maintenance, it has been proven useful to replace pre-manufactured cable sets module by module.


Elevator/conveyor technology — relief in the elevator shaft

step by step

Cables in the elevator shaft are subject to strong tensile forces caused by the free suspension height in the elevator shaft.

It is important that the weight is not carried by the electrically conductive copper strands, but by specially designed, mechanically stable elements: For this purpose, we design round cables with a central support element and flat cables with two external support elements.

Depending on the requirements and the construction space available, steel cables, aramid cores, hemp or sisal cords are used. In order to prevent warping and looping of the cables during use, a supporting braid is integrated into the outer jacket. These braids prevent torsion of the cables during use and can also absorb forces.

The support elements are either laid using mechanical clamping systems or pulled using stockings, which ensures that the electrical conductors can carry out constant movements while being relieved of tension.

In doing so, we significantly extend the service life of these cable systems. After all, reliability is something that all passengers want, isn't it?