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Data cables – unshielded – suitable for measuring, control and regulation purposes with low power loads. The cables are free from PVC and completely free of halogen.

Used in voice connections in telecommunication systems, for impulse and data transfer and for electronic devices with plugged systems in the smallest of dimensions, preferred in sectors with high density of people and anywhere where particular care for people and property is taken seriously.

This range is to be particularly recommended from the environmental protection point-of-view. Cross-section area: 0.25 mm² to 0.5 mm²


The used materials only release low corrosive gases in the event of a fire. They have a low toxicity, low smoke density and are flame resistance in accordance with IEC 332.1, free of halogen and oil-resistance in accordance with IEC 811-2-1 (4 hours / 70° C).

Special versions with special conductor constructions, core identifiers, sheath colours, for special resistances and expanded temperature ranges are all available on request.

Technical data

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Conductor Low on smoke
Litz fine copper wire, not insulated according to VDE 0295
class 5 / IEC 228 class 5 (smaller than 0.5 mm² based on)
Light permeability > 80 %*
Insulation Oil resistance
Ethylene Copolymer HI2 according to VDE 0207 Part 23 According to IEC 811-2-1 (4 hours at 70° C IRM 902)
Core identifier Water absorption
Colour-coded according to DIN 47100 According to IEC 811-1-3 (14 days at 70° C)
maximum of 0.4-1.3 mg/cm³*
Stranding Dielectric constant
Concentric cores in layers, colour sequence, thus, alignment from outside to inside 3.15*
Sheath Hardness
Ethylene Copolymer HM2 according to VDE 0207 Part 24
Default colour, grey RAL 7001
Shore D 39-51*
Norms LOI
According to or based on
VDE 0207, 0245, 0295, 0472, 0473, 0482, 0800, 0812, 0814, 0817
Approximately 28-34*
Temperature range Bending radius
In motion -25° C up to +70° C, still up to -40° C 10 x D (cable diameter)
Flame retardancy Conductor resistance
IEC 332.1 or VDE 0482 Part 265-2-1 See Technical information
Corrosiveness Test voltage
According to IEC 754-2 approximately 1.8 µS/m* Effective 2,000-3,000 Volts according to cross-section
Toxicity Nominal voltage
According to NES 713 approximately 1.5* Maximum of 300 Volts
Halogen content Breakdown voltage
According to IEC 754 < 0.1 %* Minimum 3,000 Volts
Resilience up to 30° C
See Technical information

The product conforms to the 2006/95/EU directive ("low voltage directive") CE.

*All information regarding the insulation and sheath materials has been supplied by the supplier and is communicated with no legal obligations.