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Data cables – unshielded – with polyurethane sheath (TPU), designed for low power loads in industrial, information and transmission systems.

These are cables in the measuring, control and regulation technology sectors for telecommunication systems, impulse and data transfer purposes and for electronic devices with plugged systems in the smallest of dimensions, in particular under tough conditions.

Cross-section area: 0.14 mm² to 0.5 mm²


The TPU outer sheath is, thanks to the mechanical and chemical properties, for example, high wear resistance, flexibility and kink resistance, also resistant to mineral oils and greases, hydrolyse, microbes and migration even under low temperatures.

Special versions with special conductor constructions, core identifiers, sheath colours, for special resistances and expanded temperature ranges are all available on request.

Technical data

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Conductor Bending radius
Litz fine copper wire, not insulated according to VDE 0295
class 5 / IEC 228 class 5 (smaller than 0.5 mm² based on)
10 x D (cable diameter)
Insulation Conductor resistance
PVC TI 1/2 according to VDE 0281 Part 1 See Technical information
Core identifier Test voltage
Colour-coded according to DIN 47100 Effective 2,000-3,000 Volts according to cross-section
Stranding Nominal voltage
Concentric cores in layers, colour sequence, thus, alignment from outside to inside Maximum of 300 Volts
Sheath Breakdown voltage
Polyurethane 11YM1 based on VDE 0282 Part 10
Default colour, grey RAL 7001
Minimum 3,000 Volts
Norms Resilience up to 30° C
According to or based on
VDE 0281, 0282, 0295, 0472, 0473, 0800, 0812, 0814, 0817
See Technical information
Temperature range
In motion -5° C up to +70° C, still up to -30° C The product conforms to the 2006/95/EU directive ("low voltage directive") CE.