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The control cables are approved across Europe (HAR) and USA; UL style 20603 80° 300 V.

Control cables in accordance with VDE 0281 Part 13 in an unshielded version. They can be used in both dry and wet rooms but not outdoors. They may be permanently or flexibly laid with free movement and without compulsory ducting.

H05VV5-F cables are preferred for use in machine engineering as connection and connecting cables for control, measurement and regulation purposes, on conveyor belts, in assembly areas of industrial robot technology and all related sectors. The range also meets the current safety guidelines for installation in washing systems, filling stations and breweries.

H05VV5-F means harmonised, Europe-wide normed safety with high economic efficiency.

As a variation, the H05VV5-F also fulfil the criteria of the US market and are thus also approved under UL-Style 20603 80° 300 V.


The cables have black cores with sequential numbering and a green-yellow earth conductor. With a short twisted length that does not exceed the 15-fold diameter of the stranding, the cables are designed specifically for flexible, place-changing uses. They have no extended, power carrying core as a basic principle.

The outer sheath is made using a high-quality special mixture in accordance with VDE 0281 Part 1. In accordance with this, the outer sheath must withstand extreme conditions (7 x 24 hours at 90°C in an aggressive test oil IRM 902).

This shows that use is possible even in places where other sheath qualities are not able to handle the multi-faceted chemical influences over time.

Technical data

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Conductor Flame retardancy
Litz fine copper wire, not insulated according to  VDE 0295
class 5 / IEC 228 class 5
IEC 332.1 or VDE 0482 Part 265-2-1
Insulation Bending radius
PVC TI 2 according to VDE 0281 Part 1 10 x D (cable diameter)
Core identifier Conductor resistance
Black cores with white numbers, earth conductor green-yellow See Technical information
Stranding Test voltage
Cores concentric in layers, twisted length a maximum of 15 times the cable diameter; stranding band without extended, power-carrying core Effective 3,000 Volts
Sheath Nominal voltage
Special PVC TM 5 according to VDE 0281 Part 1 (oil-proof)
Default colour, grey RAL 7001
U0/U 300/500 Volts
Norms Breakdown voltage
According to or based on
VDE 0281, 0293, 0295, 0472, 0473, 0482
Minimum 6,000 Volts
Temperature range Resilience up to 30° C
In motion -5° C up to +70° C, still up to -30° C See Technical information

The product conforms to the 2006/95/EU directive ("low voltage directive") CE.