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Harmonised and recognised national round PVC hose lines. These are approved for 300/300 or 300/500 Volts according to version.

The cables are used to connect place-changing power consumers with light or medium loads. The H03VV-F range is used with lights, kitchen and other small devices etc. The H05VV-F range, for example, is used with larger household devices such as washing machines, dryers and refrigerators etc. As of 3 cores, the cables have a green/yellow earth conductor.

Technical data

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Conductor Bending radius
Litz fine copper wire, not insulated according to VDE 0295
class 5 / IEC 228 class 5
10 x D (cable diameter)
Insulation Conductor resistance
PVC TI 2 according to VDE 0281 Part 1 See Technical information
Core identifier Test voltage
Colour-coded in accordance with VDE 0293, earth conductor green-yellow 3,000 Volts
Stranding Nominal voltage
Cores, concentric in layers H03VV-F, A03VV-F - U0/U 300/300 Volts
H05VV-F, A05VV-F - U0/U 300/500 Volts
Sheath Breakdown voltage
PVC TM 1/2 according to VDE 0281 Part 1,
Default colour, grey RAL 7001
Minimum 6,000 Volts
Norms Resilience up to 30° C 
According to or based on
VDE 0281, 0293, 0295, 0472, 0473, 0482
See Technical information
Temperature range
In motion -5° C up to +70° C, still up to -30° C The product conforms to the 2006/95/EU directive ("low voltage directive") CE.
Flame retardancy
IEC 332.1 or VDE 0482 Part 265-2-1