Pre-assembled cables and wires are mainly relevant for event engineering. The M&N cables,
which are equipped with plugs, can be used in event / lighting technology (multicore, loadcore)
as well as in the industry for power distributors (CEE).

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On 1 March 2017 Mr Heinrich Koch retired from his well-earned retirement after 22 years
of service.
We would like to thank him for his commitment, his merits and his loyalty to the
company and the family.
He contributed significantly to the development of M&N. We wish
him all the best and much health for his new life!

Mr. Frank Krüttgen took over as successor to the area of construction and product technology.

He has many years of experience as a designer in the cable industry and has been active in the
company since 01 January 2017.

Mr. Clemens Dell is still responsible for the Laboratory.
Our team
consisting of Jens Steege
and Matthias Suchan
will continue to be available to you in quality matters.


MUCKENHAUPT & NUSSELT receives ECOLAB® certificates for Food & Beverage!

Material resistance tests were carried out with various cleaning and disinfecting agents. We are
pleased about the certificates you find here.

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UL-corestyle 10492       PP, 80° C, 0,6/1,0 kV
UL-jacketstyle 20233    PUR, 80° C, 300 V (for smaller wallthickness)



MUNFLEX® Interbus Motion
MUNFLEX® CC-Link Motion
MUNFLEX® Cat 5 Motion
MUNFLEX® Cat 5e Motion



Halogenfree, high flame retardent DIN EN 60332-3-24, low smoke, oil-resistant for flexible
movement in a temperature range between -30° C up to +105° C.



The proportion of our products with halogen-free substances is increasing constantly. Alongside
the tried and tested halogen materials, PE and PP, in particular, are interesting alternatives. In
many instances, PE cores have proved to be cost-effective alternatives to expensive and higher
quality TPE plastics in the halogen-free cables and lines sector. Added to this, as of this year,
cross-linked polyethylene, or XLPE, as insulation material as well as cross-linked polyolefin
mixtures for cores and sheaths. These are halogen-free, low on smoke and highly flame resistant.



We offer control lines with PUR core insulation and PUR outer sheath specifically for applications in
the construction sector. The excellent material properties are ideally suited for outdoor use. Further
applications can be achieved by the use of Santoprene cores (TPR).


As a new material for sheathing, we offer a polyethylene mixture with a high molecule density also known as HDPE. This rather hard mixture displays particularly positive characteristics to chemical influences, for example, oils and petrol.


RoHS and REACh.

The protection of the environment has a long tradition within the company. For the reason,
the improvement of a products with a view to the ecological effects and, above all, with regard
to the substitution of hazardous materials, is an important topic. This includes, alongside the use
of environmentally-friendly flame retardants and plasticizer and in particular the use of lead-free
stabilisers. All our products thus meet the so-called RoHS/WEEE directive of the EU and fulfil the
requirements of the European chemicals directive REACh.

Here you can download our declaration with regard to REACh and RoHS.