Social responsibility


The responsibility to our employees, the protection of the environment and the natural resources has, alongside the business development and the high quality of our products, been a equally valued business aim and our mission statement for a sustainable company development for some time now. These activities come under the umbrella term "Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR". For our company, this means that we are aware of and face up to our business responsibility to society in order to develop and support projects that have a positive effect on both ourselves and society as a whole.

Social responsibility has a strategic business significance for us! This includes innovative projects in the operational environmental protection sector, in the transfer of technology, in the fields of education and qualification and cooperation with school and, socially, with the city of Wuppertal. Good site factors and working conditions as well as a clean environment are important components for the long-term success of the company.


A healthy, manageable growth of the company takes priority over large expansion schemes. Our primary aim is to develop the company into a sustainable, reliable and permanently competitive enterprise. For us, future-proof business management means sustainability in the economic, ecological and social spheres.

This affects, in particular, the improvement of internal and external communication and the expansion of client and cooperation relationships. In order to implement our mission statement step-by-step to create a competitive and future-proof company, we strive for a constant process of improvement and the further development of existing structures with the aim of being able to react flexibly and innovatively to future challenges.


  • Participation in the "Woche der Umwelt" (environmental week) in 2002 in Berlin
  • "Enterpreis – Corporate Citizenship NRW" 2005
  • "Lebendige Unternehmenskultur" (living business culture) within the framework of Regionale 2006
  • Bergischer Ausbildungspreis 2007 (Educational award)
  • Partner of the volunteer fire brigade in Wuppertal 2017