'Plug and play' in harsh environments

Harvesters and other forestry machinery perform heavy forestry work, and are controlled with the aid of state-of-the-art onboard electronics. This means that: They are equipped with power and signal cables for a wide variety of tasks, which sometimes go up to the working head, and must be able to move accordingly.

This field of use determines the type of qualities the cables must have; they must be able to achieve a long lifespan in a further temperature range, as well as in water, UV radiation and heavy mechanical demands. Lack of sensitivity to 'robust' cleaning methods and rough handling is of as much importance as whip-freeness (for moving cables) and a tough, cut-resistant outer coating.

One particular trend for high-quality cables in this area of application is the desire of machinery manufacturers for ready assembled, universally cable systems, which are mounted under the 'plug and play' principle and can be changed if needed, even on site. Another trend is the use of hybrid cables which transmit both power and signals. Bus cables (ISOBUS) are also used as cables for camera and sensor signals.

MUCKENHAUPT & NUSSELT are prepared to meet these requirements, and offer forestry machinery manufactures long-lived cable sets which can be supplied ready assembled if necessary, and which are intended for use in harsh conditions from the ground up. Cables for use while moving are equipped with special strands which avoid the 'corkscrew' effect, often with effective tension relief as well. Special requests, such as cables in signal colours, can also be fulfilled - even for smaller quantities and with short delivery times.

We produce the following cable types for use in forestry technology:

  • Data cables
  • Flat cables
  • Hybrid cables
  • Hybrid cables with bus elements, e.g. ISOBUS
  • Customer-specific cable solutions
  • Ready assembled cables in accordance with customer specifications
  • Cables for a wide range of temperatures
  • Robust and long-lived cables for harsh environments
  • Round conductors
  • Whip-free cables for use during frequent movements