Alpine Technology

Energy and signal transmission in frost and snow

Special requirements are the priority when cables are selected for snowmaking systems, piste ploughs, ski lifts etc. The cables must be water-resistant and suitable for use at extreme temperatures. The cold resistance of the outer coating plays a key role here. Whip-freeness is also a decisive factor for (constantly) moving cables, and a particularly robust cable design is often required due to traction that occurs.

We have developed and manufactured a wide portfolio of cables for these uses, which achieve a long lifespan even under adverse environmental conditions and high mechanical loads. Together with the user, we select the most suitable materials for the outer coating (TPE, PVC, PE, PA...) and determine the profiles of the power and signal cables.

Depending on the type of use, additional elements such as coaxial cables, pneumatic pipes and tension relief may be integrated into the cables. This also applies to smaller quantities; engineering and manufacturing by MUCKENHAUPT & NUSSELT is extremely flexible!

We produce the following cable types for use in Alpine technology:

  • Use-specific cable solutions
  • Data cables
  • Flat cables
  • Flexible cables
  • Hybrid cables
  • Cold-resistant cables for use at extreme temperatures
  • Ready assembled cables
  • Cables for use during frequent movements
  • Cables for harsh environments (e.g. notch toughness)
  • Round conductors