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These are cables that are considerable more cost-effectively constructed and easier to use than the traditional heavy rubberised cables usually used in ship building. Thanks to the relatively low exterior diameter, the high levels of flexibility and, in the Y version, the shielding with regard to magnetic interference, these can be used in a wide range of ship building applications.

The cables are approved for use, according to construction, on both inland and sea-going vessels and for various applications: In the areas above and below deck, in end power circuit areas, for room lighting and heating in the living quarters, for cranes and lift systems, on tool machines as well as within central control rooms for connecting devices to devices in own cable ducts and for alarm and signalling systems.


The cores are black and sequentially numbered and the outer layer has a green-yellow earth conductor.

The cables are approved for installation on ships in accordance with the following approvals:

  • Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LRS)
  • Klassifizierungsgesellschaft Germanischer Lloyd (GL)

Registration number
92501-78 HH
92502-78 HH
92504-78 HH

Technical data

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ConductorTemperature range
Litz fine copper wire, not insulated according to VDE 0295
class 5 / IEC 228 class 5
In motion -5° C up to +60° C, still up to -30° C
InsulationFlame retardancy
PVC TI 1/2 according to VDE 0281 Part 1 IEC 332.1 or VDE 0482 Part 265-2-1
Core identifierBending radii
Black cores with white numbers, earth conductor green-yellowY: 10 x D (cable diameter)
SY: 15 x D (cable diameter)
StrandingConductor resistance
Cores, concentric in layers See Technical information
Version in accordance with LRS: Polyester sheet eff. 3.000-4.000 Volt je nach Querschnitt
Inner sheathNennspannung
In the SY: PVC TM 1/2 according to VDE 0281 Part 1 0,5 bis 0,75 mm² - 250 Volt
1,0 bis 16,0 mm² - 500 Volt
In the SY: Entire sheath made from tin-plated, braided steel wire with an optical density of at least 80 % min. 6.000 Volt
Sheath Belastbarkeit bis 30° C
Version in accordance with GL
PVC TM 1/2 according to VDE 0281 Part 1

Version according to LRS
PVC TM 5 according to VDE 0281 Part 1, oil-proof
Default colour, grey RAL 7001
See Technical information
According to or based on
VDE 0245, 0281, 0293, 0295, 0472, 0473, 0482, (LRS), (GL)
The product conforms to the 2006/95/EU directive ("low voltage directive") CE.